How it Works

Benefits of ZoomKIT

What Is It?

ZoomKIT is a portable travel table that works with car seats, boosters, strollers or stand alone. Fill it with your child’s special toys or one of our activity inserts. With a global patent-pending design, ZoomKIT gives your child a sense of place in your fast-paced lifestyle.

Travel Safe, Travel Happy

ZoomKIT decreases driving distractions, helps your carseat or booster work properly as your child is engaged in activities and not wiggling and squirming out of the belts, and offers a projectile-safe surface. Not having screaming, hungry, bored kids in a car makes a difference!

Keeps You Organized

No more scrambling to find crayons, coloring books, snacks or toys as you rush out the door. The ZoomKIT inserts offer a grab and go simple solution to organize your busy life. Fill your ZoomTOTE with your table, ZoomSNACK, ZoomART and stock insert boxes with your child’s own special treasures. It’s the ultimate car organizer for kids.

Keep Your Car Cleaner

Never sure how they manage to make such a mess? Start them early with a system for a car and give them the tools to meet their own needs so you can focus on the road! ZoomTOTE secures onto the seat through an unused seat-belt so it won’t slip and slide. Your kids can reach into the bag to swap activities and item and neatly put them back after use. All inserts are designed for portability.

Feel Better!

You will feel so much better about your crazy schedule knowing that your child’s needs are being met at a higher, safer level. ZoomKIT activity table helps parents stay calm and organized while giving your little darling their own special place throughout the busy day, no matter where they may end up.

Use It For Years

ZoomKIT is great for little kids starting at 18 months and can still be used up to 7 or 8 years old. Most toys only last a short time but our unique design works for kids of a wide range of ages. Fill your insert boxes with their favorite toys and treasures such as learning, sensory, & travel activities and change content as they grow.