What size child is ZoomKIT good for?

ZoomKIT table works well for standard size children ages 8 months through seven years. If your child fits typical size clothing it should work well with their body sizes. The ZoomKIT can be used as a tray without installing the legs, resting on the child’s lap. Inserts can be used alone as your child grows or if they have a larger body size. We recommend using the table as a sensory, play or water table only and moving into the car or travel scenarios after a child moves to a forward facing car-seat.

How does ZoomKIT work in the car?

ZoomKIT table sits over your child and does not put any weight on their body. It fits in between the arms rests most car seats and boosters and works with almost all mainstream seat models.  The attachment strap goes around your child’s back or bottom and does not interact with or interfere with your car seat in any way.

Is it safe?

We have worked with leading crash test safety experts on ZoomKIT and are receiving many endorsements touting the value of ZoomKIT for safety in the car. The table is NOT a hard plastic but a soft, pliable foam that can flex if needed. It does, however hold shape and form not folding or buckling like other fabric options. Keeping kids in their car seats and boosters for longer periods of time and keeping drivers’ attention on the road is key to transporting your family safely. We encourage filling your inserts only with round soft, lightweight toys for projectile safety - no sharp, hard edges please! Also, no pencils, ball-point pens or other pointed writing tools. Even a metal water bottle or cell phone can cause serious injury to a child in an impact situation.

How big and heavy is it?

One of our favorite things about the ZoomKIT is how simultaneously lightweight and stable the travel table is. It weighs just 2 pounds and is soft, pliable and feels great to the touch.. But…it’s also incredibly durable, holds its form and can take the rough and tumble young kids deliver! The ZoomKIT table is 13 inches wide, 12 inches long and stands 7 inches high. The legs pop of for storage or mobility.

How do you clean your ZoomKIT?

The ZoomKIT table is super easy to clean. Just spray your favorite non-toxic cleaner on the surface and wipe down. You can also hose or spray it off and the sealed surface cleans beautifully. Do not submerge your ZoomKIT tabletop. ZoomIN tray inserts are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

What is your return policy?

You can return any ZoomKIT product purchased on kidsgoco.com for any reason. Within 30 days of your original purchase, we will provide a full credit card refund, facilitate an exchange or provide credit.

After 30 days from your original purchase, we will provide store credit on KidsGoCo.com. Gift orders are eligible for exchange only. If you are returning items that you received as a gift you will receive a store credit in the amount that the gift giver paid for the item. This store credit does not expire and can be used towards any future orders on kidsgoco.com If you want to exchange an item we will apply your store credit towards your exchange order.

If your exchange order costs more than your return, please provide your credit card information and we will charge the remaining balance to your card. If you received an item that was incorrect, please contact hello@kidsgoco.com and we will be happy to correct your order.

When will there be new inserts?

You can use your table or inserts by themselves or together, but our customers love ZoomKIT best as a full system! There are great new inserts in development that we plan to bring to market in 2018 including 6 gorgeous patterns of Snack and Pack insert toes, the ZoomTEK™ tablet holder and the ZoomTOTE™ carry bag.

How can I reach you if I have more questions?

We love talking to our customers! Questions, concerns, comments, ideas?

Please contact us at:
Telephone: (415) 942-ZOOM
Email: hello@kidsgoco.com
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST