About Us

Our Company:

ZoomKIT is the anchor product of Kids Go Co, based out of beautiful Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Founded by a mom of three with long commute times who struggled with the constant rush and stress of preparing items for the day, the never-ending mess in the car and the schlepping of bag upon bag ZoomKIT was invented by solving a real-pain point that many families experience!

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We were thrilled when ZomKIT showed a life of it’s own and parents found now and varied uses for the portable table! Making it the only “on-the-go” solution. As we enter our second year at market, we are thrilled to be working with other entrepreneur designers, artists and community members to continue to grow our fledgling company!

Our Mission:

Create high quality, innovative products that increase moments of peace, calm, and structure for busy families. Our products aim to increase safety, enrichment, and entertainment for children while solving everyday pain points for parents on the go.

With both our products and people…

We Believe:

Great organizations are driven by purpose, not just profit. In the power of diversity. Clients, colleagues and friends can be the same thing. Every moment is an opportunity. We will rest when we are dead and until then we will create, innovate, think, and live vibrantly. Negative people suck. We can be successful without being greedy. In wind-up toys and Creamsicles. In identifying solutions not problems.
Everyone’s ideas are equally valid. In mid-day boogie-down sessions. In triple bottom-line. Children are a profound asset and we should constantly bear their future in mind. Collaboration enriches our life and builds global bridges.

We Want To:

Passionately transform ideas into reality. Create cool products that make a difference. Stay curious and keep learning. Stay positive and keep laughing. Live honestly and openly without fear. Support calm and positive interactions between families, co-workers and communities.

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