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Why ZoomKIT™?

Why ZoomKIT™?

Why ZoomKIT™?

ZoomKIT™ helps keep the car organized

Tech-free fun is easy with ZoomKIT™!

Imagine the following scenario: It’s 6:00 AM, and you and the kids are getting ready to drive to the airport for your first family vacation. Through their fussing and whining and tears, you search desperately for toys and activities while you pack the car. Everything is scattered around the house, and you shove loose items into bags. Somehow, they aren’t happy with the options! As we continue to raise more tech-savvy children, we start to lose some of that natural creativity and imagination  to the tablet or smart phone. Reluctantly, you hand them the iPad to sate their boredom. As you drive down the freeway towards the airport, you realize that one child is hungry for a snack. While on the road, you rummage through your purse for a granola bar or a baggie of trail mix to keep them sated until the airport. You hand it back to them, and you know that as soon as the wrapper falls to the ground, there’s going to be a spill. You’re tired of vacuuming the cheerios out from behind the car seat. In fact, you’re just tired. The airport is hectic, however you manage to get through security with only a few small glitches. You dread the hour and a half long wait before boarding the plane. At this point, your kids are bouncing off the walls. You try playing I Spy. You try playing the alphabet game. It’s exhausting. The five hour plane ride is no better. The kids keep trying to get up and walk around. They want to purchase the portable DVD player so they can watch movies. They want their Nintendo DS. When the snack and drinks finally come, the planes tray table is too far away for the kids to reach, causing juice to spill everywhere. Resistance is futile. To keep them from bothering other passengers by being so loud, you succumb to technology, again. When the plane lands, you desperately stuff all of the items back into your bags, wherever they will fit, and you depart the plane with a headache, wondering when your “vacation” is going start?

No need for multiple bags when you have the ZoomTOTE™!

We’ve all been there. The guilt we feel when we hand children their iPad (yet again) is huge. We want our kids to stay entertained, but so desperately want it to be through something in addition to video games and TV. After all… the research on cognitive development and screen time is frightening. Books and art supplies, of course, are tons of fun, however we find ourselves toting piles of books, markers, and paper to keep them entertained with no rhyme or reason to all the stuff. In addition, clip boards are highly hazardous in a car—one slam on the brakes could cause serious injury. Many parents and nannies have struggled with this problem, at Kids Go Co., we said “we’ve had enough!”  and have come up with a solution that is portable, safe, and tons of fun.

The airplane is much more fun with ZoomKIT™!

Let’s return to our travel adventure. This time you’ve got your trusty ZoomKIT™. It’s 6:00 AM once more, and you’re getting ready for the airport. Instead of four or five bags filled with miscellaneous toys, you neatly pack everything into your ZoomIN inserts and place them snugly into ZoomTOTE™, which holds up to five inserts, or the table and three inserts. As you hop into the car, you buckle the ZoomKIT™ tray table filled with all of their favorite toys into their carseats, and fasten the ZoomTOTE™ (which attaches to a seatbelt for drop and slide-free protection) s next to them. When they get hungry, instead of you having to reach back and give them a snack, they simply reach into the ZoomTOTE™ and grab their  ZoomSNACK™ inserts.  You are able to focus on the road and staying calm. Instead of spills, the ZoomSNACK has a no-drop tethered spork, allowing them to eat their food without getting it everywhere. While waiting at the airport, your children get creative with the ZoomART™ insert, designed to be gender-neutral and reusable. On the airplane, they utilize the ZoomTOTE™ again, allowing them the autonomy to choose what kind of activity they want using different inserts. Eating on the plane? ZoomKIT™’s cup-holder keeps the juice safe and sound, an the closeness of the table allows the kids to stay content: no spills = happy parents. When it’s time to land, the ZoomKIT™ packs easily into the ZoomTOTE™, and your family starts their vacation with smiles, laughter, and calmness.

Everyone on our team either has children of their own, or works closely with children, and we all understand how hard parents, guardians, grandparents, and nannies work to raise happy, well-adjusted and engaged young people, while still making it fun for everyone involved. ZoomKIT™ has definitely helped our teams families, and we look forward to  sharing our solution.  Put the JOY INTO THE JOURNEY!

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