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Where can I use my ZoomKIT™?

ZoomKITs™ are officially being shipped out to stores and our customers! Besides some of the more obvious places to use a ZoomKIT™, here’s a list of 21 different ways a ZoomKIT™ can be used. New ideas are coming up every day, and we are excited to see how different households integrate the ZoomKIT™ into their own lives!

Having fun in the car with ZoomART™

  • In the car. Long road trips can be made fun with the removable inserts, and the tableallows a stable surface for play!
  • On the airplane. The tray tables on airplanes are usually hard to reach for little ones. With the ZoomKIT™, your child can snack and play on a surface that’s perfect for them. ZoomKIT™ also fits perfectly underneath the airplane seat.
  • At a sports game as a snack tray as you cheer your favorite team on!
  • In the stroller at an amusement park. While you and your kids wait in long lines for your favorite rides, they can stay entertained by themselves with their favorite toys.
  • Have a child in Pre-K or elementary school that needs a portable homework spot? ZoomKIT™ is a perfect surface to work on!

Justine’s kids enjoying ZoomKIT™ on an airplane!

  • Last-minute summer camping trips are made easier with ZoomKIT™–picnic outside, or use the table as a kid-sized terrarium where kids can play with flowers, leaves, pinecones, and everything nature has to offer!
  • ZoomKIT™ is perfect for when children are sick in bed or in the hospital. The stable surface makes eating, coloring, and tech-free fun easy without making them have to get up or go somewhere else. In addition, ZoomKIT™ is incredibly easy to clean, so it’s easy to wash the germs away for when your child is well again!
  • Family movie night. Put some popcorn in the main tray, and your child’s drink of choice in the cupholder!
  • In the grocery store while you shop for all your much-needed items. It can be used even in the cart!
  • At the beach—keeping snacks and toys less sandy!
  • While sitting at a restaurant, keep your kids entertained with something besides broken crayons in the booth!

Ride in comfort with ZoomKIT™ on long road trips!

  • At summer weddings/ceremonies, keep your children quiet with the ZoomKIT™ during long processions.
  • Use the ZoomKIT™ as a stable surface when playing at the park or outside when your children want some quiet time.
  • Before and during intermission of a play—though 15 minutes might seem like a short time in between acts, kids get notoriously antsy when waiting for the next part of the show to start up. Keep them entertained and in their seats with ZoomKIT™!

Don’t put toys on the dirty ground when camping–use ZoomKIT™ instead!

  • During a high school reunion barbecue! Take out some of their favorite toys and instead of them having to sit and be bored, they can play instead.
  • Need to bring your children to the office with you? Instead of handing them an iPad, hand them a ZoomART™ insert and let their imagination go wild while you finish up some important projects.
  • While waiting to pick up a sibling from a piano lesson or soccer club, your child can easily keep themselves entertained on their own.
  • Traveling in an RV or on a train? The rides can be long, and though your children get a bit more mobility in those than in cars, it can still be quite long and boring. Bust out a ZoomSNACK™ for some healthy eating, and use the ZoomKIT™ as the perfect surface to read a book or color while listening to music.
  • Doctor’s or Dentist’s office check-ups almost always happen during the summer—keep them happy while they’re waiting for their pediatrician.
  • If a younger sibling still takes naps, make sure your oldest is quiet but engaged with ZoomKIT™.
  • Are your kids visiting Grandma and Grandpa this summer? This is a surefire way to make sure your kids have all their favorite toys with them!

Waiting patiently at the doctor’s office is easier with ZoomKIT™ to entertain your child!

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