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Launching today: ZoomKIT Founders Club

Launching today: ZoomKIT Founders Club

Justine Smith enjoys a rare moment of calm and relaxation with her young children.

Why ZoomKIT? Why Founders Club?

I’m going to share with you an exciting way you can help bring ZoomKIT to reality in your life, and the lives of parents and kids everywhere. If you’re eager, you can skip to the action at the bottom of the post…

…OK. For those of you still sticking around I want to spend a little time talking about why ZoomKIT matters, and why you might be interested in participating in ZoomKIT Founders Club.

ZoomKIT Origins

My long daily commute with two toddlers was insane. Breakfast in (well actually “on”) the car, trying to clean up passing wet-wipes around, picking up dropped forks and spoons, passing around coloring books and other activities to fill the time – all while driving. It was terribly unsafe, exhausting, pretty disgusting and we all began our days frazzled and disorganized. It’s not easy to pull your professional composure together after an hour of toddler war-zone torture in a post apocalyptic car!.

They say creativity springs from chaos. It was out of this chaos that ZoomKIT was born. The past year, ZoomKIT has evolved into an extremely lightweight, travel-friendly “system” which streamlines this chaos. It turns the 42 bags filled with kids stuff you currently haul around into one “master” bag, keeps driver distraction at a minimum an allows your little one to remain engaged during long waits and transitions.

Why Founders Club?

Parents of small children who are “living the pain” know we are all seeking solutions but potential investors who can help with the high upfront costs in product manufacturing are waiting to see whether the product is compelling. Joining the Founder’s club sends them a message… “We want ZoomKIT” and it helps us get this needed solution on shelves this year! It also gets you special discounts, an opportunity to be a “creator”…helping pick final styles and names, and keeps you at the forefront of our new product development with future incentives and giveaways to come!

So how does it work?

Just order one or more Founders Club “pre-order” packages on our website. This is our full launch line, the whole Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle, that includes ZoomBASE, the perfectly sized carry tote (and man is it chic!), and our first four ZoomIN’ inserts. You will also get all future inserts at a huge discount. Once ZoomKIT design is finalized, we will reach out and let you customize your Kit from one of the three color scheme options and your ship date will be confirmed. EASY! Your pre-purchase gets us into physical production and gets our backers to sign that funding check!

I had the joy of taking one of our two prototypes to my sons T-Ball game this weekend to take a few pictures. His sister and her friend sat in the bleachers through the game coloring with their ZoomART, and having breakfast from the ZoomSNACK. They were content and engaged for 4o minutes without needing a thing from me… freeing me up to enjoy T-Ball. ZoomKIT works… saving time, increasing safety, meeting your child’s needs at a higher level… So JOIN US and put some joy into the journey!

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