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Kids Go Co Testimonials

ZoomKIT is a genius product that not only solves the long standing “house sick” problem, but is the answer to all your out and about occupational hazards… We love the ZoomKIT and all the fun that “pops” right in. What a life saver!

Joanna S.
Kids Go Co Testimonials

We’ve used it on a few car rides of 2hrs+ and for extended periods of time I didn’t hear a peep from Jordyn. It’s really great that the ZoomKIT allows Jordyn to be entertained in the car in more ways than just by using her tablet.

Monet H.
Kids Go Co Testimonials

As a family on the go, we are always looking for ways to keep the kids entertained in the car and where ever we are. Kiernan really struggles in the car and always wants to watch a movie. That's when ZoomKIT came zipping in to the rescue.