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Customer and Blogger Love

I really like the desk- it’s sturdy, but not hard plastic, so I wouldn’t be concerned with it hurting the kids… The legs are easy to take off and put on for storage. And I love the insert idea. It’s great to have everything packed up and for quick access.
I love this system for the many possibilities it has. We have another lap tray that does not fit in his car seat, or in our living room chairs. This kit is so versatile, it will be useful for years!
ZoomKIT is a genius product that not only solves the long standing “house sick” problem, but is the answer to all your out and about occupational hazards… We love the ZoomKIT and all the fun that “pops” right in. What a life saver!
This past weekend we took the boys camping and had a long drive to get to the coast. We finally drove and stayed organized! That is because my ZoomKIT came just the day prior so I had it on the trip. I am in love.
Keeping my kids entertained while on the go has never been easier, even just using the ZoomBASE and accessories at home has been wonderful. The ZoomKIT & Activity Inserts are simply amazing and a big help to our family!
I gave ZoomKITs to each of my grandkids. It is a gift that helps both child and parents in almost any setting. My grands love having activities at their fingertips.
Beth, Grandma
Congrats! These are amazing! We love them!!.
OK. We confess. The kids aren’t the only ones using and loving their new ZoomKITs ;).
Aerin N., Mom of 4